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For over 40 years Automated Flexible Conveyor, Inc. has been designing, engineering and manufacturing custom conveyor equipment. Engineers, researchers and manufacturers across a broad discipline of industries rely on AFC to improve their material handling processes and maximize their return on investment, day-in and day-out. 24/7/365.

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Also known as a helix conveyor, spiral conveyor, or auger conveyor, this tubular conveyor is designed to convey powders, granules, blends, crystals, or flakes, in addition to a wide range of other materials. Typical applications include the transference of bulk solids into overhead surge hoppers or the conveying of materials from one processing point to another, and it’s known for moving product efficiently, quietly, and without generating dust.

Bag Dump Station

Control dust typically generated when dumping powders with our self-contained, high-efficiency combination bag dump/dust collector, the AFC DumpClean ®

Bulk Bag Unloader

Handle and discharge bags up to 4,000 lbs in weight with the AFC Forklift Style Bulk Bag Unloader. Typical options include: automatic bag tensioner, pneumatic bag massager and dust-tight bag access housing.

Batch-weigh System

Use the AFC Batch Weight System to weigh single or multiple ingredients in almost any environment, including hazardous locations.

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