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An AFC Portable Spiralfeeder for Norvatis Health Care Facility

A Zinc Powder Conveyor System for a US Company

A Lunar Conveying System for ASRC Aerospace

An AFC Portable Spiralfeeder for Norvatis Health Care Facility

When the plant engineer at Norvatis Health Care Facility needed a sanitary conveying system that was both portable and capable of unloading their custom-blended materials from their existing mixer, he contacted AFC for a solution.

“Our custom-blended materials can be different from batch to batch, including variables in the bulk density and material flow characteristics. We need a conveying system that can handle all of our products in addition to being portable and easily cleaned between batches.”

The AFC engineered system included our new Hi-Flo Model #45 Spiralfeeder conveyor to address the required conveying rate of up to 6000 lbs. per hour in combination with our low profile True-Flow hopper. The hopper incorporates a motorized agitator and pneumatic vibrator for the less flowable material blends. The portable chassis which supports the entire conveyor assembly is constructed from tubular polished structural tubing and mounted on four diameter sanitary casters to provide mobility.

Electrical controls are factory mounted and pre-wired. Main control enclosure is rated Nema 4X (wash-down) and UL approved. This includes an AC variable frequency motor speed control which can be operated at the control box or via the provided remote (cable) footswitch/control. OSHA approved safety switches are provided at all access covers in addition to a sanitary hopper safety grate.

System Specs
The system has the provisions for either manual or automatic operation via a low-level sensor located in the feed hopper. Quick disconnect sanitary ferrules are provided for system inspection and/or cleaning.

A Zinc Powder Conveyor System for a US Company

The Zinc Powder Conveyor from AFC is designed to convey zinc powder having a bulk density of 157 lbs. per cubic foot at a controllable rate of up to 24 cubic feet per hour. Material is loaded into the AFC Model #25R(HD)-25 (2 diameter x 25 feet long) heavy-duty series conveyor via a special 8.5 portable Flow Free surge hopper with a diameter flow control butterfly valve.

The surge hopper is positioned directly above the AFC 8.5 True Flow hopper and connected via a flexible sleeve to ensure a dust-tight interface. An exhaust sock is provided to address the air displacement during loading.

The zinc powder is conveyed at a 45-degree angle to an elevation of 18′ 6″ to an existing 60″ diameter vibratory screener. A variable frequency drive is utilized to control the feed rate to the screener. The AFC True Flow hopper incorporates a low-level switch and pneumatic vibrator. The AFC system incorporates an explosion-proof drive and with Nema-4/12 controls which are remotely mounted. Both drive and controls are Atex Approved.

AFC provided a total conveying system, including all controls and drive support mast. We have designed a number of systems for this US-based company with this most recent system currently in operation in Ireland.

A Lunar Conveying System for ASRC Aerospace

Photo illustrates a prototype lunar soil/oxygen processing system. Location is a remote Pacific volcanic crater which best replicates conditions found on the lunar surface of the moon.

The twin AFC screw feeders were designed to operate and deliver lunar soil to the oxygen processing system at a controlled rate of feed under the extreme variables of both temperature and zero atmosphere.

The proprietary design twin lift screw feeders by Automated Flexible Conveyor Inc. were provided as part of this system to ASRC Aerospace, Kennedy Space Center, a leader in the support, design and development of new technology for the future of America’s Aerospace programs.

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