AFC Dump Clean™ Bag Dump Station

Dependable dust control Customized for your application

What is it

The AFC Dump Clean™ is a bag break station that prevents nuisance dust from escaping into the plant environment when emptying bags, boxes or drums of dusty material into a process stream.

How it works

An operator opens the cover and the Dump Clean automatically keeps it safely in place while a bag or sack is set on the material loading grate and opened to release the powder or other material. An exhaust fan quietly draws ambient air downward through the grate, capturing and carrying any airborne dust particles into the enclosed filter chamber before they could escape into the workplace. 

Dust-laden air is drawn through the filter media, where dust is retained inside the dump station. To maintain continuous dust removal capabilities, each filter is automatically cleansed by a reverse-flow method using short bursts of compressed air. The effect is a brief, controlled inflation of the filtration membrane causing accumulated dust to dislodge and fall safely into the discharge hopper located beneath the collector.

"It works great!" A very reliable piece of equipment that we depend on in our day to day operations.
Isabelle Sgro - Concrete Lab Manager, Sika


  • Ergonomic design puts the operator at the correct loading height for reduced heavy lifting
  • Recovered material is returned into the process reducing material waste
  • Dust capture maintains hygienic conditions for workers and the workplace

Construction Features

  • Easy, safe access and removal of cartridge filters
  • Tool-free removal of filter baffle plate
  • Material loading safety grate installs with just one mounting tab

Automatic Operation

The Dump Clean automates the process with a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) for complete control of the dust collector and automatic cleaning of the dust filter media. The adjustable PLC controls both duration and frequency of compressed air burst for easy cartridge cleaning and non-stop dust control.

Product Options or Variations

  • Mild steel construction
  • Stainless steel construction: T-304 or T316
  • Industrial or sanitary finish
  • Hazardous and non-hazardous locations

Standard Dump Clean™ Bag Dump Station

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