AFC Spiralfeeder® Push Unit Screw Conveyor Fits Tight Spaces

New Push Unit Sets Drive Mechanism at Floor Level

AFC Spiralfeeder™ Solid Screw Conveyor System

Introducing a compact, low-profile approach for bulk material transfer

Our latest AFC Spiralfeeder screw conveyor automatically transfers powders, pellets, and other bulk materials from the hopper to the discharge but this model sets the drive mechanism at floor level by the hopper rather than up at the discharge. This low profile configuration is more compact and fits neatly into many tight spaces that would rule out longer, taller conveying systems.

Worker Safety Support

Asking your staff to lug sacks of powder up stairs to a mezzanine or up a ladder to empty it into a mixer or hopper is just asking for an OSHA reportable incident – and it is no way to attract and retain today’s workers – especially when we can quickly automate the material transfer process and eliminate these risks.

Offering access to the electric motor and gearbox at floor level also eliminates the need for ladders or other lifting devices when it’s time for maintenance. This Push Unit virtually eliminates the risk of slips, trip, and falls involving heights.

Screw Conveyor Empties Easily

Many screw conveyor manufacturers overlook the importance of fast, easy, emptying and cleaning. For our new Push Unit, we developed a proprietary design that makes it easy to access the bottom of the hopper and tube inlet to empty any residual material between batches – with no tools.

To empty the powder transfer system, an operator simply shuts off the power, removes a tri-clover fitting, places a collection bin or bag underneath the conveying tube, then turns the screw conveyor on in reverse. Material entrained inside empties automatically. It can be put back in storage or reuseed with no mess. For a complete cleaning when changing products, the solid, outer metal tube may be removed to access the screw, and both may be cleaned along with the hopper grate and interior by one worker in minutes.

Construction Features

  • Suitable for food, chemical, pharmaceutical, plastic, and other materials and ingredients
  • Manufactured in a choice of mild steel or stainless steel with an industrial finish
  • Customized to the specific process, production targets, and product quality requirements
“All of the AFC screw conveyors and other equipment just keep working year after year without any trouble. And when you call, they pick up the phone, listen, and react immediately. It's hard to find that kind of service and expertise in one place today.”
Jim Placa, President

AFC Push Unit Conveyor Systems

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