Automated Flexible Conveyor Unveils Test Laboratory

Powder handling test laboratory at Automated Flexible Conveyor, NJ

Full-Size Equipment Simulates Actual Processing Conditions

Clifton, NJ: Process equipment manufacturer Automated Flexible Conveyor, Clifton, NJ, (, has unveiled a test laboratory. Spanning nearly 1,000 square feet in its New Jersey headquarters, the test laboratory features full-size powder processing equipment to simulate actual operating conditions in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and other facilities. Ideal for testing customer materials and verifying machinery performance, the test laboratory features the company’s AFC Spiralfeeder(R), an enclosed, flexible screw conveyor that automatically transfers powders and other bulk materials from its inlet hopper to a mixer, vessel, or other discharge point without exposing the material to the plant environment. The company’s Batch-Weigh System, which automatically transfers, weighs, and dispenses precise amounts of bulk materials, is also available on-site for product testing.

Typically stocked with a bulk bag unloader, sack tipping station, and/or other bag handling equipment and accessories, the AFC test laboratory is equipped to safely receive and accommodate bulk bags, Gaylords, pallet loads, and bulk containers for large scale testing. The tests are offered live in person, by video, and online by live stream.

For more information, contact Automated Flexible Conveyor, Inc., 55 Walman Ave., Clifton, NJ 07011; 800-694-7271, [email protected];
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