SPIRALFEEDER® Flexible Screw Conveyors Keep Mixtures Mixed During Transfer

AFC Spiralfeeder flexible screw conveyor transferring mixture of powders

Mixtures and Blends Stay Mixed and Blended with Screw Conveying System 

Clifton, NJ: SPIRALFEEDER® flexible screw conveyors from process equipment manufacturer Automated Flexible Conveyor, Clifton, NJ, (afcspiralfeeder.com), feature a flat spiral screw design that mimics the screw structure of ribbon mixers and blenders to ensure mixtures remain mixed and blends remain blended during transfer. Suitable for transferring both dry and viscous materials, the ribbon style screw design is ideal for transferring mixtures and blends comprising multiple components with different bulk densities, particle sizes and shapes, and/or other properties that may separate when transferred in pneumatic, vacuum, and vibrating conveying systems. By contrast, the clever AFC screw design discharges the materials with the same homogeneity and/or heterogeneity as entered the infeed.

Often installed at the discharge of a mixer or blender, the flat spiral AFC SPIRALFEEDER accepts the mixture or blend in a hopper then the rotating screw conveyor automatically transfers the material within an enclosed outer tube. The conveying system typically discharges to filling, packaging, or storage, or downstream for further processing.

The SPIRALFEEDER screw conveyor is designed and manufactured at the company’s New Jersey facility. Product testing is offered in the on-site test lab prior to delivery and installation.

For more information, contact Automated Flexible Conveyor, Inc., 55 Walman Ave., Clifton, NJ 07011; 800-694-7271, [email protected]; AFCSpiralFeeder.com. # # #

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